Selected Reviews

The Home Front

Two of The Home Front images mentioned in BBC South East short review of A Green & Pleasant Land: British Landscape and the Imagination: 1970s to Now. (Watch review)

European Photography, Autumn 2014

British Journal of Photography, August 2014 ‘This is War’ issue Download ipad version
Download PDF of the section on The Home Front, courtesy of BJP

Gaslight Photography Review, August 2014

Forces TV, August 2014

War Media & Conflict Journal, Summer 2014

SOURCE Photographic Review, Spring 2014 (Read review)

Culture Critic, 2014

CAAT News Review, 2014 (Read review)

Discover Society, Peter Nias, 2014 (Read article)

Photomonitor, Rachel Segal Hamilton, 2013 (Read article)

Aesthetica Blog, 2013 (Read article)

Flux Magazine, 2013 (Read article)

War and Media Network, Sarah Maltby, 2013 (Read article)

The Booklist, London Art Book Fair, 2013

KATALOG journal, (Denmark) Spring 2012 no.24/1 (Danish/English) portfolio (Download PDF)

Comments from academics (Download PDF)

Border Country

The Globe and Mail, R.M. Vaughan, 2010 (Download PDF)

Black Flash magazine, Katy McCormick, 2008 (Download PDF article)

Hotshoe International, 2008 (Download PDF)

The Guardian, Society, Marc Leverton, 2008 (Read article)

The Guardian, Society, 2008 (View online gallery)

The Guardian, The Guide, Robert Clark, 2010 (Read article)
(Online selected image and quote)

Red Pepper, UK, Amanda Sebesteyn, 2008 (Download PDF)

Culture Wars, Chris Gilligan, 2008 (Read article)

Testimony Project, 2010

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No Place like Home: Echoes from Kosovo

BBC Arts, 2002 (Read article)

BBC Radio 4, Martha Kearney, 2001

Book List USA, Vanessa Bush (Read)

Illyria Newspaper, USA, Puja Vaswani, 2002 (Read)

Library Journal, USA, Natasa Musa, 2002 (Read)

The Oakland Tribune, USA, Kate Scannell, 2001 (Read)

The Progressive, USA, Marlene Nadle, 2002 (Read)

The Village Voice, USA, Joy Press, 2001 (Read)

Katalog, Denmark, Anthony Georgieff, 2002 (Download PDF)

Source magazine, Ireland, Jane Fletcher, 2002 (Read)

British Journal of Photography, Helen Murphy, 2002 (Read)

The British Association for Central and Eastern Europe Newsletter, John Birch (Read)

Financial Times, UK, Jan Dalley, 2001 (Read)

The Independent, UK, Amanda Hopkinson, 2001 (Read)

New Internationalist, UK, 2002 (Read)

Outsider, UK, Poppy Szaybo, 2002 (Read)

Time Out, UK, 2001 (Read)

Homes & Gardens: Documenting the Invisible

Spot Magazine, USA (complete version) (Download PDF)

Spot Magazine, USA (excerpt), Dick Doughty, 1999 (Download PDF)

Weekend Edition, National Public Radio, USA, 1998 (Online radio programme)

Creative Camera UK, Val Williams, 1996 (Download PDF)

Mute Digital Art Critique, UK, Josephine Berry, 1996 (Download PDF)

Reviews from Swedish newspapers available on request