September – November 2015 (archived post)

Over the past few months I have been making the final tweaks to my piece Standing By. This personal sound/image piece focuses on the 60-year relationship between my parents (both born in the 1920s), focusing on their use of the crossword. It’s intimate, and, I hope, humorous. It also looks at traditional gender roles, class, old age and, fleetingly, Alzheimers.

It’s a 26 min piece, using soundtracks recorded between 2000 and 2007. It includes 67 still images.

The photographs were taken over an 11 year period, (2000-11), mostly as family snaps, and they come from a range of sources: Lumix (digital), i-phone 3, Leica (35mm film) and medium format film (Mamiya 7). I have also included 1950s images from my parents’ wedding and honeymoon album.

I’ve presented the work at recent conferences (work in progress at the 2010 Journal of Media Practice conference, and a close-to-final version at the Family Ties Network Public and Personal Archives: Creative Negotiations in April 2014). However the completed piece will be experienced as an installation piece in a gallery or other public space. I’m not putting it on You-Tube or uploading it to my website, but plan for it to go out in 2017/18. I’m currently talking with curators…