April 2014 (archived post)

Had a very interesting day on 4 April at the Family Ties Network – Public and Personal Archives: Creative Negotiations at University of Sussex, lots of interesting discussions & projects. Fantastic, curious & engaged audience.

My presentation was called Standing By: The Ethics of Domestic Ethnography, and focused on my elderly parents’ daily habit of doing the quick crossword as a framework for exploring their relationship. It’s a personal, sound-led piece, and although I had played a few sound excerpts back in 2009 at the Journal of Media Practice conference, I had not returned to the work until this year, to merge in still images with the soundtrack  – and so I was showing the work as a sound/still image piece for the first time. It’s now almost complete, just a little tweaking to do.  I am not going to put the piece on my website or on the internet, but see it as an installation, a gallery piece. More details to follow when a gallery takes it on. But check out the work of the other artists here: Lizzie Thynne, Margaretta Jolly, Ed Hughes, Nicky Bird, Suze Adams, Rosy Martin, Marjolaine Ryley, Sally Waterman, Eti Wade, Jacqueline Butler. http://familytiesnetwork.wordpress.com/events/

Photo below of the Q&A after I’d presented Standing By is by Louise Harman.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 10.28.50.png